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Welcome to the 50 Fifty Reel Challenge, after years of competing in various timed film competitions for far away fellowships, certificates and of course the “awesome” bragging rights. We have developed a competition that anyone should be able to fit into their schedule.


If you are looking for a competition that gives filmmakers plenty of time to make their film, in a festival atmosphere then you have come to the right place!


Unlike the shorter time-based film competitions, The 50 Fifty gives more than ample time for individuals working collectively to combine their effort and really show their talents within a production.  We want you to make quality films, not just something you through together in a short time frame.

Our mission is to encourage student, amateur and professional filmmakers to hone their craft of making movies. While offering an opportunity to see their work up on the “big screen”, and network with others within their community, region or even across the country.  


With 50 days until the deadline, this allows filmmakers plenty of time to devote to writing, creating and collaborating on the best short film they can possibly create, while still allowing the filmmakers to keep their day jobs and for those individuals that really want to network, and hopefully get their foot in the door, a chance to be a part of multiple teams, and experience the industry on another level.

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